January 2020 27
Humpback Whale Watching in Panama
Posted By : David Fraser

The humpback whale is one of the largest animals in the world—the only creature that’s bigger is another whale. The average 48 feet in length, 35 tons, and live around 50 years. Because they’re mammals…

January 2020 15
Things to Do on Isla Boca Brava
Posted By : David Fraser

Located in Panama’s Gulf of Chiriquí, Isla Boca Brava is where we call home. This beautiful, tropical island paradise is loaded with natural wonders and other hidden gems worth exploring, including abundant wildlife, secluded beaches,…

December 2019 23
The Ultimate Boys Weekend Activities
Posted By : David Fraser

Here comes the disclaimer just in case there is anyone out there that might not like this. Men love their wives, girlfriends and families, BUT sometimes they just want to hang out with the guys…

December 2019 11
A Guide to Getting Around in Panama
Posted By : David Fraser

Panama is a small country, both in population and square miles, but the construction of the Panama Canal led to the creation of a great transportation infrastructure. Even though that was over 100 years ago,…