December 2019 10
Traditional Food and Drink in Panama
Posted By : David Fraser

When you’re traveling to any country for the first time, it’s natural to be a little curious about the food people eat there. Many different cultures and peoples, including the Spanish, American, Afro-Caribbean, and indigenous…

November 2019 26
5 Fun Panama Fishing Charters in 2020
Posted By : David Fraser

When it comes to deep sea, big game fishing, there is no place on earth like Panama. The waters surrounding the Central American paradise are home to the largest and most sought-after sport fish in…

March 2019 16
Hannibal Bank & Isla Montuosa
Posted By : Panama Nautical Club

Hannibal Bank Panama's Jurassic Park Hannibal Bank has become legendary among those in the know about serious fishing. This continental shelf area has contributed to many IGFA world records.  The Bank is famous for the sheer…

January 2019 26
Jan 2019 Fishing Report
Posted By : Panama Nautical Club

PNC had a busy start to the New Year and the Gulf of Chiriqui delivered some of the best January results on record with near perfect weather. The month had incredible amount of Dorado, Sailfish…