Black Marlin Panama

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Black Marlin

(Istiompax indicaus)

Black Marlin are found almost entirely in the Indian and Pacific Oceans but also extends around the African Cape into the Atlantic. The Black Marlin is one of the fastest billfish fish, with speeds of up to 80 mph (130 km/h) . You can tell the difference between a black marlin and a blue marlin by their pectoral fins. These are the best ways to know you’ve hooked a Black Marlin vs a Blue:

  • Low dorsal fin relative to body depth < 33%
  • Bill and body are shorter
  • Dark blue back fading to a silver belly.
  • Rigid pectoral fins that will not fold flat to the body.

The Pacific coast of Panama is famous for catching Black Marlin every month of the year.  Our favorite spots for Black Marlin is Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa located 1.5 hr from our island Lodge. The green season August through October is excellent for the big female Black Marlin that come to spawn.

Fishing methods in Panama include trolling with strip baits, plastic lures and live bait fishing. Generally released fish average between 250 – 350lb.

To date, the ultimate black all-tackle-record 1,560-pounder came from Cabo Blanco, Peru, in 1953.

Panama Nautical Club practices Catch and release.

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