December 2019 31
Panama Ultimate Fishing: 2019 Round Up
Posted By : David Fraser

Panama ultimate fishing : Roundup 2019 2019 has been a phenomenal year for Panama Nautical Club. We have hosted over 50 fishing expeditions with monster Marlin caught at the Banks and numerous other impressive catches.…

April 2019 13
Panama Tuna Fishing – March Report 2019
Posted By : David Fraser

Yellowfin: Panama Tuna Fishing (Thunnus albacares) Yellowfin (and the very similar bigeye) tuna are incredibly popular worldwide among sport fishermen. Whether running-and-gunning to throw poppers into breaking schools of 20-pound “bait footballs,” or fishing kite…

March 2019 04
Panama Fish: Fishing Report Feb 2019
Posted By : David Fraser

Panama February Fishing Report 2019 Greetings from Panama. Fishing February in Panama, deliveries perfect weather and great action at Hannibal Bank. The area is known for offering of black & blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, pacific…

September 2018 14
Family Fishing Report June 2018
Posted By : David Fraser

Family fishing vacation June 2018. The Father & Son Team arrived in Panama for 3 days of family fishing and to celebrate a birthday and graduation. There is no better way to spend the day…

May 2018 10
Fishing Report May 2018
Posted By : david FRASER

Panama Fishing Report May 2018, Benjamin Boyd's group arrived from Panama for 3 days and fished on the the Legend chasing down the tuna. They had great time although the weather was mixed and caught…

May 2018 01
Fishing Report May 1 2018
Posted By : David Fraser

Fishing Report May 1 2018: The 1st rains arrived in the Gulf, the bite getting better by the day,  an amazing amount of tuna is running and the billfishes and dorados are still out there.…

April 2018 09
Fishing report April 9 2018
Posted By : David Fraser

Michael and Nicholas, father and son, discovered for the first time the Gulf of Chiriqui, ready for the Tuna Season 2018. Perfect timing! Here you can see the results. They started the best captures in…

March 2018 09
Fishing Report March 9 2018
Posted By : David Fraser

Justin and his wife enjoyed 4 days fishing and 5 nights at the Panama Nautical Club Island Resort. Justin went to some of the best places for real action: Hannibal Bank, Montuosa Island, Isla de…