Panama Sport Fishing Trip 

Escape on a Panama sport fishing trip and experience one of the world’s most prolific big game fishing grounds. The Gulf of Chiriquí is a treasure of Panama with big game fishing at Hannibal Bank  and Isla Montuosa. During a 3-day trip, it is possible to land marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, and cubera snapper. Add wahoo, Mahi, bluefin trevally, snook, grouper, and amberjack to the list as well. 

Planing a Panama Sport Fishing trip is easy with direct flights from most of the United States.  Airlines such as Air Canada, Air France, American, Copa, Delta, KLM, Lufthansa, United, and more serve the country. Plus, Panama does not require the majority of citizens to have a visa.

Panama’s IGFA World Records

We catch those fish of a lifetime—discover 500-pound marlins, 250-plus-pound yellowfin tuna, and 70-pound rooster. The IGFA World Record  book shows Panama holding multiple records for several big game species.

Big Game Fishing in Panama

Fishing the Gulf means navigating above submerged islands and pinnacles that reach from 50 to thousands of feet. The unique terrain and currents push both nutrients and oxygen to the surface in far greater quantities than normal ecosystems. Consequently, these nutrients attract an abundance of baitfish and make for an exceptional sport fishing region.

Our Island lodge is one of the closest operations to the sportfishing hot spots. Our premium fleet can reach Panama’s sport fishing grounds in a timely and conformable manner. Therefore, you have plenty of extra time to hook an exceptional marlin or tuna depending on your calendar.

Our captains speak English and have unmatched naval expertise and regional knowledge. Check our fishing calendar and fishing reports and come for a rod bending trip of a lifetime.


Hannibal Bank

Located 48 nautical miles from the lodge, this area is one of the most unique fishing grounds in the world. Running five miles long and three miles wide, the banks are characterized by deep water. In addition, they’re a beneficiary of the Humboldt Current that moves an abundance of plankton biomass to the surface. As a result, the bank’s prolific food chain delivers trophy-sized yellowfin tuna.

The 70-minute boat ride is worth the opportunity of hooking a huge blue or black marlin and trophy-sized yellowfin tuna.

Panama Sport Fishing
Panama Sport Fishing

Isla Montuosa

Located 40 nautical miles from the Lodge, Isla Montuosa is an exceptional fishing ground. Near the steep undersea pinnacles, you can find black marlin, sailfish, and snappers. When it’s the right season, it’s common to hook yellowfin tuna of up to 200 pounds, as well as some absolutely monster marlin. Guests will pop billfish, tuna, broom-tail grouper, mullet snapper on this Panama fishing trip.

Isla Ladrones

With a name meaning “Thieves Island”, Ladrones is an intriguing sight. A short 17 nautical miles away looms the green mountains that rise to resemble the shape of a lion on its perch. It’s also a prime location for scuba diving and sports fishing, offering the best of Panama’s rooster fishing, cubera snappers, and various exotic types of jacks and tuna.

Isla Secas

This timeless archipelago is a haven for live bait fishing. The lodge features world-class lure and live bait fishing action—only a short 15 nautical miles away! The ecosystem is known to be the home of white-tip sharks, rays, and turtles. The catch is roosterfish, amberjacks, wahoo, barracuda, as well as rainbow runners.

Isla Parida

This authentic escape is only four miles from the lodge. The area is covered in luscious mangroves where snorkelers and fishermen enjoy the sights of sea turtles and dolphins swimming freely. Consequently, these fertile fishing grounds deliver amberjacks, cero mackerel, wahoo, barracuda, roosterfish, and rainbow runners.