Panama's 5 Best Fishing Spots

Panama fishing spots are highlighted on the fishing map below, these are the best fishing spots in panama and all quickly accessible from our Island Resort.

Hannibal Bank

Hannibal Bank is top rated as a Panama fishing spot and is one of the most unique fishing grounds in the world for big game. The feeding ground is 15 square miles resulting in an abundance of yellowfin tuna, blue and black marlins and pacific sailfish. The Bank is located 48 nautical miles from the lodge with a travel time of 1.5 hrs. 

Isla Montuosa

The rocky Island is known for its enormous bill fish and tuna boils, so here you will land your 150+ pound yellowfin tuna. The area is an excellent source of grouper, mullet snapper while black and blue marlins patrol the area. Montuosa is located 40 nautical miles from the lodge, resulting in a travel time of 1.25 hrs. 

Isla Ladrones 

Ladrones is located 17 nautical miles from the lodge with a travel time of 50 minutes. Known as thieves Island because of its towering green mountains. We fish tuna, roosterfish, cubera snapper, and various jacks and wahoo in this area.  Further offshore we troll for Marlin and Sailfish on a regular basis.

Isla Secas 

This is a famous inshore Panama fishing spot located 15 nautical miles from the lodge. The Island is part of an archipelago where you’ll find massive schools of baitfish used to catch the game fish. The waters around the Secas are very biodiverse with an abundance roosterfish, amberjacks, wahoo, barracudas and cubera snapper. 

Isla Parida 

This Panama fishing spot delivers exceptional roosterfish opportunities. The Island is surrounded by lush mangroves which offer underwater sanctuary to sea turtles and marine life. You can land roosterfish, cero mackerel, and wahoo in the fertile waters. Isla Secas is located 6 nautical miles from the lodge with a travel time of 12 mins.