Panama Diving

Panama Diving is a world-known destination therefore making a great choice for a scuba vacation.  Surrounded by two oceans and home to lakes and almost five hundred rivers, it has 1,207km of Caribbean and 1,700km of Pacific coastline. Panama gets rated highly for snorkeling and scuba diving because of the diversity of dive sites and the number of marine species.

Panama is one of the few places in the world you can dive 2 oceans in a day. With the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean on its east and the cooler shark-filled waters of the Pacific on the west.

Coiba National Park

Panama Diving Isla Cobia
Panama Diving Isla Cobia

Coiba National Park, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. This uninhabited area represented by a group of islands including Coiba Island that is 50,314 hectares. The coastline is preserved in its natural state and therefore referred to as the Galapagos of Central America. Coiba Island has the second largest coral reef in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.



Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park

Scuba vacation
Panama Diving Isla Sceas

Located south of ¨Bahia de los Muertos¨ in the Gulf of Chiriqui the park promotes scientific activities for the conservation and protection of endangered species.  Because Eco-tourism and environmental education the area is growing. As a result of the unexplored waters you will have a perfect Scuba Vacation. 



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 Join us for a scuba vacation and stay in luxury at Panama Nautical Club, the Lodge offers  2, 3 or 5 nights scuba packages. Prepare yourself for an scuba vacation with nature.

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