Gulf of Chiriqui



Isla Secas

The Isla Secas is located on a chain of sixteen volcanic islands 18 miles from the Lodge and features excellent diving with clear waters and a variety of marine life. 

Coiba Island

Coiba Island is described as the “New Galapagos” and offers some of the best diving in Panama. The island’s diverse wildlife includes dolphins, humpback whales, manta rays, barracudas, whale sharks, and tiger sharks. At Coiba Island, you will never know what to expect because almost anything can appear out of the blue.

Isla Landrones

Isla Ladrones has a concentration of fish life that is stunning and diverse, and as a result, divers will see schools of jack, barracuda, and snapper regularly.  

From May to November, giant manta rays make an appearance. Other species including the eagle, mobula, and devil are seen year-round. As for sharks, white-tip, black-tip, and nurse are frequently seen throughout the year. Most noteworthy, at certain times of the year, humpback whales swim through the area with their calves. 

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