September 2018 14
Family Fishing Report June 2018
Posted By : Panama Nautical Club

Family fishing vacation June 2018. The Father & Son Team arrived in Panama for 3 days of family fishing and to celebrate a birthday and graduation. There is no better way to spend the day with your family than fishing off the pacific coast of Panama. Right outside the backdoor…

August 2018 09
Fishing in Panama? Selecting a Charter Company
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Fishing in Panama ? How to Select a Charter Company If you’re planning fishing in Panama  it’s essential to pack certain key items and take your time researching before  selecting a Charter Company. These days there are two many inexperienced ill equipped operators offering low prices in the area. Don’t…

July 2018 09
What’s the weather like in August in Panama?
Posted By : Julie

Panama Weather in August In August, the peak of summer, a sprinkling of showers will greet you when you visit Panama. On average, the weather will be around 81F with a high of 88F and a low of 73F. When you join us in Chiriqui, the weather will be more…

June 2018 28
What’s the weather like in July in Panama?
Posted By : Julie

Panama Weather in July Welcome to the heart of the summer, the season to seek a new adventure. July in Panama, the temperature tends to hover around 81F with an average high of 88F and a low of 73F. This is a turning point in the weather as the sun…

June 2018 15
What’s the weather like in June in Panama?
Posted By : Julie

Panama weather in June: And thus, summer begins; a renewed call to nature and the adventure that it promises. The weather is warming up with an average of 82F, highs of 88F and lows of 88F. With 6 hours of sunshine per day, you will have the freedom to find…

June 2018 04
Traveling to Panama with Kids
Posted By : Julie

So You’re Traveling to Panama with kids...     Panama Nautical Club is ready to entertain the entire family on your adventure and help you make the most of Panama with kids. Spark a love of nature and the sea in even the smallest child. While some months may not be…

May 2018 10
Fishing Report May 2018
Posted By : Chris Tingom

Panama Fishing Report May 2018, Benjamin Boyd's group arrived from Panama for 3 days and fished on the the Legend chasing down the tuna. They had great time although the weather was mixed and caught 12 Yellowfin.  The group was so impressed with PNC's operation they re-booked our 2 night…

May 2018 01
Fishing Report May 1 2018
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Fishing Report May 1 2018: The 1st rains arrived in the Gulf, the bite getting better by the day,  an amazing amount of tuna is running and the billfishes and dorados are still out there. Our guest Anthony Resigner from Texas hit it out of the park with the rod bending…

April 2018 09
Fishing report April 9 2018
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Michael and Nicholas, father and son, discovered for the first time the Gulf of Chiriqui, ready for the Tuna Season 2018. Perfect timing! Here you can see the results. They started the best captures in conjunction with the crew of The Legend, Captain Chichi "Crazy Horse" and his son Capi…

March 2018 09
Fishing Report March 9 2018
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Justin and his wife enjoyed 4 days fishing and 5 nights at the Panama Nautical Club Island Resort. Justin went to some of the best places for real action: Hannibal Bank, Montuosa Island, Isla de Coiba areas... Perfect to catch dorados, tuna, release marlin... Justin came specifically to fish while…

February 2018 02
Fishing report Feb 2 2018
Posted By : Panama Nautical Club

Our friends from O2Oceans tours sent us a group of Russians, 2 boats - 7 anglers, who enjoyed the resort and "had the fishing of their lives, excellent food, resort facilities, great attention" as we heard from them.    A moment of stress for our Captain when one of them…

January 2018 16
Fishing Report Jan 2018
Posted By : Panama Nautical Club

JAMES, TRACY AND DEBORAH  Fantastic time with our friends from Oklahoma, USA They simply caught everything possible! Roosters, marlins, wahoos... with fantastic weather conditions, and enjoyed our five star lodge with nightly massages.      

December 2017 29
Fishing report Dec 29 2017
Posted By : Panama Nautical Club

Rogers Family, enjoy the experience of his 1rst catch and release  Marlin, Congratulations!!! not just that, the littles ones of the family had their times with a nice Dorado, we all enjoy dinner time that day... just 2 days fishing for fun and staying a week with us on the…

December 2017 26
Fishing Report Dec 26 2017
Posted By : Panama Nautical Club

The Rabon family spent Christmas at lodge, father and son fished 2 days. They fished the Rattle Snail and had rod bending action with the dorado action in the Gulf. They also successfully hooked up a black marlin, their 1st, congratulations.   

December 2017 25
Happy New Year 2018
Posted By : Panama Nautical Club

Panama Nautical Club wishes you a wonderful new year with many adventures! Want to experience one of Panama's best Natutical Clubs? Give us a visit during 2018 and check out our fishing packages here.  Best wishes / Panama Nautical Club

December 2017 24
Fishing report Dec 24 2017
Posted By : Panama Nautical Club

Andrea spent 5 days living aboard the Nick-o-Time exploring the Gulf of Chirirqui fishing spots. December bought massive shoals of dolphinfish this year, typically between 30 and 55lb. They caught several black and sail fish at Isla Montusa and Hannibal Bank. They coming back next year as "it was a…

October 2017 29
PBG Fishing Report September & October 2017
Posted By : Julie

Inshore and Offshore Action Like the wet-season weather, the mid-year fishing delivered mixed results. For days on end there was frenzied yellowfin action on the seamount in glass-calm conditions. After the tuna moved on, the boats headed inshore to find cuberra snapper and roosterfish. One of the BlueWater Readers’ Trip…

October 2017 27
Fishing Report Oct 27 2017
Posted By : Panama Nautical Club

Our 3 friends Larry, Gill and Jose from USA came and fished 3 days at the lodge late October. The team cleaned up, marlin, rooster, sail fish and a number of other species. They are coming back 2018, PNC looks forward to fishing them again.      

September 2017 01
PBG Fishing Report July & August 2017
Posted By : Julie

Earthquake generates feeding frenzy Recent fishing was running hot and cold for no apparent reason until a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit about 160km out to sea, with several aftershocks over the following days. The effect on the fishing was immediate and dramatic, with all of the club’s boats reporting spectacular…

June 2017 30
PBG Fishing Report May & June 2017
Posted By : Julie

Yellowfin tuna arrive in force Yellowfin tuna arrived in huge numbers during March, with many hitting the scales at 150 to 200lb (as pictured). Marlin are still being seen on a daily basis, but have proved reluctant to bite and so have been very difficult to catch. Regular visitor Ron…

April 2017 29
PBG Fishing Report March & April 2017
Posted By : Julie

Record-sized roosterfish The inshore grounds have produced the best fishing we have seen for a long time. Off Isla Ladrones, Trevor Maunsch (age 15) caught and released two roosterfish believed to be 80lb and 85lb – bigger than the IGFA Junior record. His grandfather then caught another at around 60lb.…

February 2017 28
PBG Fishing Report January & February 2017
Posted By : Julie

No crowds but plenty of fish Black marlin between 300 and 800lb, plus yellowfin tuna and amberjack dominated the offshore scene during October and November. This is our wet season so other than the humpback whales and their calves, clients enjoyed the famed waters of ‘Jurassic Park’ almost to themselves.…

December 2016 31
PBG Fishing Report November & December 2016
Posted By : Julie

Marlin bite ahead of the rains We’ve enjoyed some exciting action with both black and blue marlin over the past couple of months. But the big yellowfin tuna have been sporadic, with some boats getting really lucky, and others only catching a few. Inshore fishing has been fantastic as usual,…

October 2016 30
PBG Fishing Report September & October 2016
Posted By : Julie

Huge Black Marlin and Yellowfin Monster yellowfin tuna to 350lb – averaging more than 200lb – have provided much of the action here over the past two months. Each boat’s daily catch has averaged around 1000lb of fish, and most of the big fish action has occurred on Hannibal bank.…

August 2016 30
PBG Fishing Report July & August 2016
Posted By : Julie

Masses of huge yellowfin tuna The tuna bite in May was nothing short of spectacular, with every boat catching a 1,000lb of yellowfin tuna per day, with fish between 60 and 160lbs being caught on poppers and jigs over Hannibal Bank. During April the numerous tuna ignored everything but the…

June 2016 30
PBG Fishing Report May & June 2016
Posted By : Julie

Lots of big Yellowfin February was amazing for some guests and a little disappointing for others. Some caught quite a few blue and black marlin in the 400 to 500lb range, while others caught everything but marlin. An offshore algae bloom stopped fishing for a few days, however, the inshore…

April 2016 28
PBG Fishing Report March & April 2016
Posted By : Julie

Time for big numbers of big Marlin December and January brought a wave of dolphinfish ranging in size from 15 to 50lbs. They were everywhere! Then came good numbers of sailfish to 150lbs and schools of yellowfin tuna. At that time of year we would normally catch four black marlin…

December 2015 30
PBG Fishing Report November & December 2015
Posted By : Julie

Warm and Wet August and September is when we expect the biggest blacks, which aggregate at that time to spawn. Some yellowfin are also about on the offshore hotspots of Hannibal Bank and Montuosa Island, or “Jurassic Park” as we know it. The inshore action has also been good, with…

August 2015 30
PBG Fishing Report July & August 2015
Posted By : Julie

Big Yellowfin Tuna arrive Marlin fishing slowed in late March, but was back to normal in April when the run of yellowfin tuna arrived. Large schools of 50kg tuna, with some to 100kg, are now on Hannibal Bank and are even being caught on poppers. Inshore fishing remains consistent, with…

June 2015 29
PBG Fishing Report May & June 2015
Posted By : Julie

Huge Yellowfin moving in January started with a bang, producing plenty of black marlin, some to 300kg. Lures were the most productive method as porpoise kept attacking the livebaits that are generally preferred when fishing around Isla Montuosa. Sailfish and dolphinfish were also frequent catches, perticularly when running ballyhoo (garfish)…

April 2015 29
PBG Fishing Report March & April 2015
Posted By : Julie

Marlin Plentiful Offshore When the rain finished towards the end of the year, the offshore fishing really picked up with marlin hooked daily and ever-increasing numbers of sailfish. Inshore was a little slow with all the freshwater, but some nice cubera snapper were caught. January and February should really see…

March 2015 01
PBG Fishing Report January & February 2015
Posted By : Julie

Bait schools have arrived The rains have finished and large schools of black skipjack tuna have arrived on Hannibal Bank and around Isla Montusoa. Blue marlin will now join the black marlin already there. Large yellowfin tuna will also join the always present smaller tuna. Once they arrive it will…