Things to Do on Isla Boca Brava

Things to Do on Isla Boca Brava

Located in Panama’s Gulf of Chiriquí, Isla Boca Brava is where we call home. This beautiful, tropical island paradise is loaded with natural wonders and other hidden gems worth exploring, including abundant wildlife, secluded beaches, and trails perfect for hiking. It really is a nature-lover’s paradise. The sparsely populated island is just under nine miles long by four miles wide, with hotels spread out to maintain the feeling of seclusion and exclusivity. There are many things to do on Isla Boca Brava—you just have to travel here and find out for yourself.

Big-Game Fishing

This part of the world is famous for its big-game fishing. What we do best is take people out to the fishing grounds and put them on the fish. Panama fishing is an experience unto itself—the shimmering turquoise waters are home to the largest sport fish in the world, including blue marlin, Pacific sailfish, yellow tuna, roosterfish, and amberjacks. There’s nothing in the world like battling a 1,000-pound marlin for hours—it’s the thrill of a lifetime.


The Gulf of Chiriquí is home to dozens of other islands besides Boca Brava, each with its own distinct ecosystems. The bountiful underwater world is full of rich colors and exotic marine life. Snorkeling is a great way to explore that world, even with minimal experience and equipment. A mask, some fins, and a snorkel are all you need to float on the surface and watch the fish swim on by.

Scuba and Free-Diving

If you want a little more adventure, and you want to get a bit more involved in the underwater world, take a dive. After some instruction on how to operate the equipment, scuba diving will get you up close and personal with the marine life. Free-diving is for the more experienced divers, as no air tank is used—just a mask and some fins. However, if you decide to do it, the sights will be amazing.


Because the island is so secluded and sparsely populated, it’s perfect for hiking and exploring. The howler monkeys on the island are quite active, and there are dozens of bird species to watch in the lush forests. Take a day to yourself and unplug from everything, get back to nature, and feel the stresses of the world melt away.

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