5 Fun Panama Fishing Charters in 2020

5 Fun Panama Fishing Charters in 2020

When it comes to deep sea, big game fishing, there is no place on earth like Panama. The waters surrounding the Central American paradise are home to the largest and most sought-after sport fish in the world. The Pacific Ocean is where you will find the largest billfish in the world. Blue marlin, black marlin, and sailfish patrol these shimmering turquoise waters. Hooking a trophy fish, strapping into a fighting chair, and trying to reel in a 1,000-pound game fish is the thrill of a lifetime. When you are ready to book your Panama fishing trip, shop around and compare the different charters out there. After you do, you’ll know we are the best.

Panama Nautical Club

The Panama Nautical Club is the best place for sport fishing charters in Panama. We have our own marina, private island resort, and fleet of boats. Located in the Gulf of Chiriqui on the Pacific Ocean, our operation is on Isla Boca Brava. It offers stunning views of the most prolific fishing grounds in the world. A captain and crew know where the trophy fish are, and how to get you onto them.

Come Fish Panama

Come Fish Panama has two stunning resorts for you to choose from. Bocas lodge has two swimming pools and private bungalows overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The hillside Seagull Lodge overlooks the Gulf of Chiriqui and the amazing fishing grounds. The captain and crew have over 26 years of fishing experience to help you catch a trophy.

Reel Inn in Panama

For over 13 years, Reel Inn in Panama has treated guests to a variety of experiences in the Gulf of Chiriqui. Of course, they have deep seas fishing charters, but they also have eco-tourism available. For example, you can take a guided kayak tour or rent one and explore the lush environment on your own.

El Rio Negro

Since 1995, El Rio Negro sport fishing lodge has entertained guests in the paradise that is Panama. They are a departure from the giant commercial hotels; El Rio Negro has a private and quiet atmosphere. The Playa Reina area that the lodge is in has less than 100 residents. Here you can experience all the beauty of Panama and the Pacific Ocean.

Coiba Adventure Sport Fishing

If you are looking for seclusion and privacy, Coiba Adventure Sport Fishing is the place for you. This family-run operation is on Isla Coiba and miles away from civilization. Their small resort offers peace, quiet, and access to the prime fishing grounds in the Pacific Ocean. Spend the day hunting for trophy fish and spend the night listening to the waves crashing on the shore and taking in the grandeur of all-natural Panama.

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