December 2017 24
Fishing report Dec 24 2017
Posted By : Maria Eriksson

Andrea spent 5 days living aboard the Nick-o-Time exploring the Gulf of Chirirqui fishing spots. December bought massive shoals of dolphinfish this year, typically between 30 and 55lb. They caught several black and sail fish…

October 2017 29
PBG Fishing Report September & October 2017
Posted By : Julie

Inshore and Offshore Action Like the wet-season weather, the mid-year fishing delivered mixed results. For days on end there was frenzied yellowfin action on the seamount in glass-calm conditions. After the tuna moved on, the…

October 2017 27
Fishing Report Oct 27 2017
Posted By : Maria Eriksson

Our 3 friends Larry, Gill and Jose from USA came and fished 3 days at the lodge late October. The team cleaned up, marlin, rooster, sail fish and a number of other species. They are…

September 2017 01
PBG Fishing Report July & August 2017
Posted By : Julie

Earthquake generates feeding frenzy Recent fishing was running hot and cold for no apparent reason until a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit about 160km out to sea, with several aftershocks over the following days. The effect…

June 2017 30
PBG Fishing Report May & June 2017
Posted By : Julie

Yellowfin tuna arrive in force Yellowfin tuna arrived in huge numbers during March, with many hitting the scales at 150 to 200lb (as pictured). Marlin are still being seen on a daily basis, but have…

April 2017 29
PBG Fishing Report March & April 2017
Posted By : Julie

Record-sized roosterfish The inshore grounds have produced the best fishing we have seen for a long time. Off Isla Ladrones, Trevor Maunsch (age 15) caught and released two roosterfish believed to be 80lb and 85lb…