Sport Fishing Captain’s of Panama

When you sport fish with our captains, you know you are in for an adventure. Our Panama Fishing Charter Captains are regional famous.

Captain Valdez 

Captain Carlos Valdez has fished the local waters of Panama over 14 years. From the age of 6 with his father’s guidance Carlos found his passion for fishing.

At the age of seventeen, he naturally found himself working on some of the local commercial fishing boats.

After serving as a mate for 6 years and being extensively trained at several sport fishing lodges Carlos acquired his Captain’s license.

Captain Valdez quickly became recognized as one of the top english speaking Sport Fishing Captains of Panama.

Valdez is “Captain Fishy” the man with the Fishy Fingers as he consistently delivers results on various fishing vessels.

Captain Chichi 

With 42 years of experience, it comes as no surprise he is recognized as one of the top English speaking sportfishing captains of Panama. His prolific fishing record is almost as diverse as the people he has fished with:

– Fished former United States president, George W. Bush

– Current King of Spain, Don Felipe

– Former president Martin Torrijos of Panama

– Magnate Carlos Slim