June 2016 30
PBG Fishing Report May & June 2016
Posted By : Julie

Lots of big Yellowfin February was amazing for some guests and a little disappointing for others. Some caught quite a few blue and black marlin in the 400 to 500lb range, while others caught everything…

June 2015 29
PBG Fishing Report May & June 2015
Posted By : Julie

Huge Yellowfin moving in January started with a bang, producing plenty of black marlin, some to 300kg. Lures were the most productive method as porpoise kept attacking the livebaits that are generally preferred when fishing…

April 2015 29
PBG Fishing Report March & April 2015
Posted By : Julie

Marlin Plentiful Offshore When the rain finished towards the end of the year, the offshore fishing really picked up with marlin hooked daily and ever-increasing numbers of sailfish. Inshore was a little slow with all…