Experience 4 of the Most Popular Islands in Panama

Experience 4 of the Most Popular Islands in Panama

Good things come in small packages, and Panama is a perfect example of this. Slightly smaller than South Carolina, Panama is home to over 1,500 islands that are full of natural beauty, exotic wildlife, and tranquility. The country boasts uninhabited islands teeming biodiversity as well as one’s catered more toward tourists. Some of the most popular islands in Panama have an abundance of restaurants, shops, and culture and are perfect for those looking to have a great vacation.

Isla Boca Bravo

Isla Boca Bravo is an almost uninhabited island in the Gulf of Chiriqui. Specifically, the Chiriqui Marine National Park resides in the gulf and is home to some of the best big game fishing and diving in the world. The Panama Nautical Club—a top-rated Panama fishing lodge—resides on this island and has all the comforts you’d expect from a world-class resort. The club is a great starting point for exploring the nearby islands and beaches.

Guna Yala/Kuna Yala/San Blas Islands

The Guna Yala archipelago (formerly known as the San Blas islands) has hundreds of islands that are mostly untouched and uninhabited. There are over 350 islands in the group, however, only 49 of them have residents. The Kuna Indians live on the islands. They thrive thanks to coconuts sales on the mainland and a steady flow of tourists who visit a few spots within the archipelago.

Coiba Island

Coiba Island is the largest island in all of Central America and resides on the Pacific side of Panama. The island was once a part of the mainland but separated when the sea level rose. As a result, there are many indigenous species on the island such as the Coiba Agouti (rodent), Coiba Spinetail (bird), and the Coiba Howler (monkey). Additionally, the island is a UNESCO world heritage site that is popular among ecotourists.

Bocas del Toro Islands

The Bocas del Toro islands are incredibly popular tourist spots. You’ll find them on the Caribbean side of Panama near the Costa Rica border. There are many hotels and restaurants peppered throughout the islands that fulfill all budgets and tastes. Snorkeling, dolphin watching, and zip line tours are just a few of the fun activities to try during your stay.

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