How to Pack for Panama A Few Travel Tips

How to Pack for Panama | A Few Travel Tips

When you start packing for a trip to another country, consider the activities you want to do and what the climate is like. For instance, going on a Panama fishing trip will require different clothes than hiking up a volcano, so you’ll want to prepare accordingly. Read this guide on how to pack for Panama so that you’re ready for anything and have a great time.

What to Pack for a Trip to Panama

Light clothing

Two words can sum up Panama’s climate: hot and humid. Prepare for the climate by bringing shorts, cotton shirts and pants, sundresses, and large hats. Stick to light colors and khakis that pair well together so that you can change up your look without carrying a lot of clothes. If you plan on hiking, pack a sturdy pair of pants such as jeans or cargo pants and a long-sleeved shirt to protect yourself from the brush and bugs.

Rain jacket

Panama gets a lot of rainfall, so be ready for it. Pack a light rain jacket so that you don’t have to walk around in wet clothes. A rain jacket will be especially important if you plan on hunting for waterfalls or trekking through the forests. Plants and trees hold the rainwater for a while after a shower, and the falling droplets will make it seem like it’s still raining.

Dinner clothes

You should definitely spend most of your time in Panama on the beach, in a boat, or exploring the lush forests. Shorts and t-shirts will be fine for these activities. When the sun goes down and it’s time to hit the town, however, it will be a good idea to have a dress or a collared shirt and slacks. Panama offers some fine dining options, if that’s something you enjoy, and the restaurant will likely prefer appropriate attire.

Waterproof everything

Panama is a wet place. It rains there all the time, and while rain showers are often brief, they can also be strong. It’s a good idea to get a waterproof case for your phone and anything else that rain could damage. If you’re bringing a camera or a GoPro, buy a waterproof model. If you can’t find a cover for your devices, then store them in a waterproof bag of some sort. A bag is cheaper than potentially replacing hundreds of dollars in electronics.

Worldwide power adapter

Nowadays, people carry a lot of devices that require charging. If you don’t have the appropriate power adapter, however, that can prove to be impossible. Different parts of the world have different outlets, and your charger might not fit—then you won’t be able to use your phone or camera. Universal adapters work anywhere in the world to keep your devices powered up.

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