Inshore Versus Offshore Fishing: What’s the Difference?

Inshore Versus Offshore Fishing: What’s the Difference?

Fishing is an amazing sport. It combines physical activity with the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. What more could anyone ask than a day out on the boat with some buddies? In some parts of the world, fishing is still a necessary survival skill that people rely on to eat. In other parts, though, fishing is a hobby that is a leisure activity. That doesn’t make it any less challenging. If you’ve never been on a charter, there is an important distinction to know before booking that Panama fishing trip. A tiny little semantic difference, but important to note when selecting your trip. Inshore versus offshore fishing: What’s the difference?

The Big Difference

Offshore fishing is more commonly known as deep-sea fishing. This comprises any kind of fishing done more the nine miles from the shore. Deep-sea fishing is usually done 20-30 miles from shore on the fishing grounds. The waters that far out are thousands of feet deep, hence the name. As you might have guessed, inshore fishing is any kind of fishing done fewer than nine miles from shore. That includes any saltwater flats, bays, coves, and estuaries. Anything within nine miles of shore. The difference between the two is a simple one, but important. The kinds of fish differ when you are fishing inshore or offshore. The large blue marlins and sailfish are what you will find offshore.

There are Similarities Too

You will need a boat for both kinds of fishing, of course. With inshore, though, you won’t need one as big. They are typically smaller and faster. Offshore boats are the larger sport-fishing boats that can take rougher open seas. Offshore fishing is dependent on the weather and seasons. They dictate what kind of fish you will have a chance to catch. Big-game fish are migratory, and they follow the baitfish, so they are in certain areas for certain periods of time. Inshore fish typically are there year-round, and you know what to expect on the fishing grounds pretty much all the time. No matter what kind of boat or charter you are on, they will have the appropriate tackle for whatever kind of fish you are hunting.

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