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What’s the weather like in August in Panama?

Panama Weather in August

In August, the peak of summer, a sprinkling of showers will greet you when you visit Panama. On average, the weather will be around 81F with a high of 88F and a low of 73F. When you join us in Chiriqui, the weather will be more temperate, with a height of 84F and a low of 71F. And while one will still experience moderate showers; this is to be expected in the wet season and is nothing to hinder your pull.

This month will show the return of Marlin and Wahoo, as well as an abundance of Yellowfin Tuna, Rooster Fish, Wahoo, Snapper, Amberjack, Grouper, and, Sailfish. You can expect to reel in any combination of these trophies.

For more information about fishing in August visit our Sport Fishing Calendar

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