The Best Fishing Spots in Panama for Trophy Fish

Beautiful and exotic locations all over the world are home to trophy fish. If you make a list of the best places on earth to find gigantic fish, put Panama on it first. Located on the Pacific side of Panama, the Gulf of Chiriqui is a treasure and a sportsman’s dream come true. The gulf is home to the most prolific big game fishing grounds in Panama and the world. It’s no accident that you can reach the best fishing spots in Panama from Boca Chica. Panama Nautical Club is situated on the Gulf of Chiriqui, and our boat captains know the waters well. Stay at the Resort, and book a charter with us to experience the best sport fishing in the world.

Hannibal Bank

One of the most unique fishing grounds in the world is 48 nautical miles from the lodge. The Hannibal Bank is 15 square miles of feeding grounds for yellowfin tuna and blue and black marlins. The Humboldt Current delivers a plankton biomass to the deep Pacific waters that attract the trophy fish. A 70-minute boat ride on shimmering turquoise waters will put you right on top of the fish.

Isla Montuosa (Hilly Island)

Enormous billed and sailfish swim in Isla Montuosa. Located 40 nautical miles from the lodge, the island and fishing grounds always deliver excitement. During the season, it’s not uncommon to find 200+ pound yellowfin tuna, grouper, mullet snapper, and black marlins.

Isla Landrones (Thieves Island)

The name alone is enough to peak anyone’s curiosity. Thieves Island has towering green mountains that look like a massive lion on a perch looking out over the sea. In these waters, you can find rooster fish, Cubera snapper, and various jacks and tuna. This is also a prime diving spot if you want to take a break from catching world records.

Isla Secas (Dry Island)

The Dry Island is part of an archipelago 15 nautical miles from the marina. You’ll find massive schools of baitfish used to catch the game fish. The waters around the island are very bio-diverse. White-tips sharks, rays, and sea turtles call this area home in addition to the roosterfish, amberjacks, wahoo, and barracudas.

Isla Parida (Calf Island)

Isla Parida is only four nautical miles from the marina and lodge. Lush mangroves cover the area, which offer underwater sanctuary to sea turtles and marine life. Not only is this a great spot for sport fishing, it’s popular with scuba divers. You can catch rainbow runners, cero mackerel, and wahoo in the fertile waters.

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